Michishige Sayumi


Michishige (1)

Also known as

Sayumin (さゆみん), Sayu (さゆ), Shige-san (しげさん), Oyakata (親方)


July 13, 1989 (age 28)


Ube, Yamaguchi, Japan





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Morning Musume, Morning Musume Otome Gumi, Zoku v-u-den, Ecomoni, H.P. All Stars, Mobekimasu



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Michishige Sayumi (道重さゆみ, born July 13, 1989 in Ube, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan) is a 6th generation member and the eighth and former leader of Morning Musume & Hello! Project .

When Michishige passed the audition to join Morning Musume, Tsunku wrote in a comment about her that her singing is weak. After the audition, Michishige had taken voice lessons to improve her singing, but even she admits that her own singing is still bad.

She portrays an extremely narcissistic image of herself in TV shows, often calling herself the cutest member in Morning Musume and saying that her cuteness overwhelms her bad singing voice. In one of the of the skits known as Hello! Morning Theatre on their variety show, Hello! Morning, she is best known as playing a character known as “Ichiban Kawaii” (the cutest). “Usa-chan Peace” (Bunny Peace) is a phrase which Michishige uses to identify herself. While saying “Usa-chan Peace” she holds her index and middle fingers in V shapes next to her ears.

Biography Edit


Michishige Sayumi joined Morning Musume in 2003 along with Kamei Eri, Fujimoto Miki and Tanaka Reina, which all made their debuts with Morning Musume in the group’s nineteenth single, Shabondama.

During the spring she, along with the rest of the 6th generation members, made her first concert appearance on the Morning Musume Concert Tour 2003 Spring "Non Stop!" during Kei Yasuda's graduation.

Towards the end of 2003 Michishige began appearing in the show Revelations of M (Mの黙示録, M no Mokushiroku), as a regular with ex-Morning Musume member Nakazawa Yuko.


Since 2005 she was assigned as mentor to 7th generation member Kusumi Koharu. Later, she admitted that she hated being Kusumi's mentor because Kusumi had to be taught everything. Michishige also said that she took out her frustration by plucking out her eyebrows.


In October, she currently started hosting her own half-hour radio show, “Konya mo Usa-chan Peace,” on CBC Radio every Tuesday at 11:30 PM.


On June 9, 2007, Michishige began co-hosting the Young Town radio show as a result of Fujimoto Miki's Friday magazine scandal and subsequent resignation from Morning Musume.


Starting 2009, she’s appeared several times on different Japanese variety TV shows, either on her own or along with other members, usually with Yaguchi Mari. In summer 2009 she gained a decent recognisement in the Japanese media due to her appearing in high-rating shows like London Hearts, Downtown DX and Odoru Sanma Goten, as well as in less popular shows. Netizens have pointed out “lately Michishige has been appearing often on TV”. A TV Guide article from August 2008 praised her sharp tongue. Michishige has started using her sharp tongue since sometime ago, particularly in her radio show, where on certain episodes she comments on something from the point of view of “Good/Angel Sayumi” and “Bad/Black/Devil Sayumi”.

It was revealed on July 2009 that Michishige will form part of Zoku Biyuuden along with Jun Jun and Sugaya Risako.


In Febuary, Michishige officially opened up a Gree blog.

In March, Yaguchi Mari, Satoda Mai and Michishige were revealed to be regulars on the midnight TBS show "Aimai na!". Michishige confirmed that she was going to be a regular on that show on her blog and an Up- Front staff member's Tweet mentioned that Yaguchi and Satoda will be on it as well.

The official site for the Momusu Rokkies (Morning Musume 6th Generation) event titled "Morning Musume Presents Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina Premium Summer Dinner Show" at Prince Hotel in Shinigawa has been opened. The following shows being at 8/14 Shinigawa Prince Hotel (Tokyo) at 16:00 / 20:30 and 8/21 Rihga Royal Hotel (Osaka) at 14:00 / 19:00.


It was annouced that Michishige would be the voice for "Haro" for the MMO game Dragon Nest.

Along with 6th generation member Tanaka Reina, Michishige hosted a premium Christmas dinner show. The date was 12/23 and was hosted at the Prince Hotels.


On January 02, 2012 it was announced that 5th Generation Member Niigaki Risa would graduate from Morning Musume and Hello! Project on May 18, 2012. As Michishige was the second oldest in Morning Musume and Hello! Project at the time, Morning Musume and Hello! Project leadership was passed down to Michishige after the graduation of Niigaki on May 19, 2012.

2014 Edit

Sayumi Michishige graduated from Morning Musume' 14 and Hello Project at the end of their 2014 Autumn Concert Tour, where she will conclude her activities in both Morning Musume and Hello! Project and take a long break from doing any entertainment.


  • Name: Michishige Sayumi (道重さゆみ)
  • Nickname: Sayumin (さゆみん), Sayu (さゆ), Shige-san (しげさん), Oyakata (親方; Master)
  • Birth Date: July 13, 1989 (age 28)
  • Birthplace: Ube, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
  • Blood type: A
  • Height: 163cm
  • Hello! Project Status:
    • 2003-01-19: Member
    • 2003-01-19: Morning Musume Member
    • 2014-11-26: Graduated from Morning Musume and Hello! Project
  • Up-Front Agency Status:
    • 2003-01-19: Member
  • Years in Morning Musume: 11 Years
  • Morning Musume Color: Pink
  • Eastern Zodiac: Snake
  • Western Zodiac: Cancer
  • Hobbies: Collecting things (hair ties, stickers, collectible toys, erasers, etc.), talking
  • Special skill: Braiding, Y-balance, math
  • Favorite color: Pink
  • Favorite sports: Tennis
  • Favorite artists: BeForU
  • Inspirational people: Ogura Yuko (Michishige has stated she thinks Yuko looks like herself)
  • Disliked inspirational people: None
  • Favorite movie: Titanic, Celeb to Binbo Taro
  • Favorite flowers: Red freesias
  • Favorite word: "Thank you", "Left-right symmetry"
  • Motto: Never refuse a gift
  • Favorite Animal: Cats (Retitled to Hello!Kitty)
  • Favorite season: Summer, winter
  • Favorite food: Mentaiko spaghetti, chocolate
  • Disliked food: Avocado
  • Favorite song: Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~, Ki*Se*Ki by BeForU
  • Hello! Project Groups:
  • Subgroups:
  • Concert Units:
  • Shuffle Units:
  • Other:

Singles Participated InEdit

Morning MusumeEdit

Morning Musume Otome GumiEdit





  • [2003] Hoshizuna no Shima, Watashi no Shima ~Island Dreamin'~ (星砂の島、私の島 ~アイランド・ドリーミン~)
  • [2005] Tatakae!! Cyborg Shibata San (闘え!! サイボーグしばた3)
  • [2011] Keitai Deka THE MOVIE 3 Morning Musume Kyuushutsu Daisakusen! ~Pandora no Hako no Himitsu (ケータイ刑事 THE MOVIE3 モーニング娘。救出大作戦!~パンドラの箱の秘密)

TV ShowsEdit

  • [2003–2007] Hello! Morning (ハロー! モーニング)
  • [2003] Soreyuke! Gorokkies (それゆけ!ゴロッキーズ)
  • [2004] Futarigoto (二人ゴト)
  • [2007–2008] Haromoni@ (ハロモニ@)
  • [2008] Berikyuu! (ベリキュー!)
  • [2008–2009] Yorosen! (よろセン!)
  • [2009–2010] Bijou Houdan (美女放談)
  • [2010–2011] Aimai na! (あいまいナ!)
  • [2010–2011] Bijo Gaku (美女学)
  • [2011] Zaki Kami! ~Zakiyama-san to Yukai na Nakamatachi~ (ザキ神っ!~ザキヤマさんとゆ*かいな仲間たち~)
  • [2011–2012] Hello! Pro TIME (ハロプロ!TIME)
  • [2011] Ikinari Ougon Densetsu (いきなり黄金伝説) (In 10,000 Yen Challenge)
  • [2012-] Hello! SATOYAMA Life (ハロー! SATOYAMA ライフ)

TV DramaEdit


  • [2006] Ribbon no Kishi The Musical (リボンの騎士 ザ・ミュージカル)
  • [2008] Cinderella the Musical (シンデレラ The ミュージカル)
  • [2009] Ojigi de Shape Up! (おじぎでシェイプアップ!)
  • [2010] Fashionable (ファッショナブル) (as Morinari Anna)


  • [2007.07.18] 17 ~Love Hello! Michishige Sayumi DVD~
  • [2008.10.01] LOVE STORY
  • [2009.07.22] 20's time.
  • [2010.04.28] Sayu


  • [2006–] Konya mo Usa-chan Peace (今夜もうさちゃんピース)
  • [2007–] Young Town (ヤングタウン)
  • [2005] Dai 10 Kai Hello Pro Video Chat (第10回ハロプロビデオチャット)
  • [2006] Hello! Pro Hour (ハロプロアワー) (4 episodes)
  • [2006] Aozora Shower (青空シャワー)
  • [2006] Ojigi 30 Do (おじぎ30度) (as Chii Ruruka)
  • [2011] Kare wa, Imouto no Koibito (彼は、妹の恋人)
  • [2011] Michishige Sayumi no "Mobekimasutte Nani??" (道重さゆみの『モベキマスってなに??』) (Host)



  • [2004.10.29] Michishige Sayumi (photobook) (道重さゆみ)
  • [2007.01.13] Doukei (憧憬)
  • [2007.06.30] 17 Love Hello! Michishige Sayumi (17ラブハロ! 道重さゆみ)
  • [2007.12.09] Sousou (蒼蒼)
  • [2008.09.25] LOVE LETTER
  • [2009.07.11] 20sai July 13 (20歳7月13日)
  • [2010.04.26] La (ラー)
  • [2011.10.27] Sayuminglandoll


Trivia Edit

  • Has an older brother and older sister.
  • She is a fan of AKB48 and Perfume.
  • Became close friends with Kamei Eri during their training camp.
  • Is noted for not having changed her hair in terms of cut or color since she joined, until July 31, 2012, when she cut 20cm off.
  • Was the Morning Musume mentor of Kusumi Koharu.
  • Her catchphrase is "Usa-chan Peace!" while holding two peace signs beside her head, like rabbit ears. It has also been used in place of the "Sexy Beam" during some performances of "Koi no Dance Site."
  • She won an award for aerobics in elementary school, and also took piano lessons.
  • Prior to joining Morning Musume, she most admired Takahashi Ai and Ishikawa Rika.
  • Her father is a researcher for the chemical company Ube Industries.
  • She is known to be the most narcissistic member.
  • She loves Takahashi Ai.
  • In a blog entry, she once called Kamei Eri "My love".
  • She is named after Sayumi Horie.
  • Is well known for trying to kiss the other members during concerts, mostly Takahashi Ai.
  • She calls Ikuta Erina her rival.
  • After Junjun dyed her hair brown at the beginning of 2010 and when Morning Musume only had five members in late December 2010 (before 9th generation joined), she was the only one who had black hair.
  • Along with Kamei Eri and Tanaka Reina, there was a music video with only the three of them singing their audition song, Do it! Now.
  • In Yorosen!, Michishige revealed she is a Rail-Ota (Combination of Railroad and Otaku) and her favourite train is the Blue Train.
  • In Yorosen!, she taught ℃-ute about railroads.
  • Was in Yorosen alongside ℃-ute and Morning Musume.
  • When asked who she would be if she could be another Hello! Project member, she said Suzuki Airi with the comment "to have that good feeling, singing songs with charm, just like her!"
  • When asked what pint of her makeup she is most particular about she replied curling her lashes and keeping her cheeks pink.
  • When Niigaki Risa became the leader of Morning Musume and Hello! Project, Michishige was supposed to be the 7th sub leader of Morning Musume but there were discussions about the situation. Michishige is older than fellow sixth generation member Tanaka Reina, but Tsunku and fans said Tanaka would be better fitting the sub leader title. Tsunku knew there would come discussions about this, so he decided there would be no sub-leader for now. Neither Michishige or Tanaka is sub-leader.
  • Yaguchi Mari calls her Sayu-rin.
  • It was revealed by Tsunku in Music Fighter that her singing skill is below average and that she was chosen for her unknown charm point at that time. However, she does want to sing and asked Tsunku to give her more singing parts.
  • At a live performance of the song "Shabondama" in 2006, she accidently tossed her microphone on the stage.
  • She is the 8th Morning Musume leader and the 4th Hello! Project Leader.
  • She along with Tanaka Reina are the only remaining current Morning Musume Members who joined when a First Generation member was still in the group.
  • She along with Tanaka Reina are the only current Morning Musume Members who are over 20 years old (The legal adult age in Japan).
  • Since becoming leader, Tsunku has shown his appreciation towards Michishige by saying how reliable she has become and how her singing has improved vastly since becoming leader.
  • Recently she said she wished she was as pretty as Suzuki Kanon, and said she wanted to be able to sing good like her.

Honorary TitlesEdit

Honorary titles

Preceded by

Niigaki Risa

Leader of Morning Musume

May 19, 2012 - November 26 2014

Succeeded by

Fukumura Mizuki

Preceded by

Niigaki Risa

Leader of Hello! Project

May 19, 2012 - November 26 2014

Succeeded by

Maimi Yajima

Preceded by

Niigaki Risa

Oldest Member of Hello! Project

May 19, 2012 - November 26 2014

Succeeded by

Iikubo Haruna

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